About the Manual

As the game has not been created, this manual is extremely incomplete. However, it is constantly being improved.


Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil

You will not be bound by your alignment in Chaotic Fate, but it will be included in your character's description. You may not change your alignment more than once in 90 days. Your alignment classifies what, if any ethics you live by.

Lawful Good

You do what is best for others and are honest and often bound by a code of conduct. You despise trickery and deceit. You support a just and lawful society.

Neutral Good 

Your overidding concern is to help others. You will balance honesty with what is needed to do good.

Chaotic Good

You want to help those who are oppressed by unjust laws or governments. You often find concepts such as honour and karma to be unfair to many people.

Lawful Neutral

You like order in the world, and strive to strengthen that order. Many lawful neutral people believe that everything has a purpose in the world.

Pure Neutral

You are concerned primarily with your own fate, but will not break laws or hurt others unless you have an exceptionally strong reason for it.

Chaotic Neutral

You do not like restrictions. You support an "every man for himself" atttitude, and try to destroy any organization or order you see in the world.

Lawful Evil

You achieve what's in your own interest lawfully, even if that means causing harm to others.

Neutral Evil

You do what is in your interest, including increasing your power over others. You will do so by any means possible, with the only reason you don't break laws being potential punishments. Being shrewd and cunning, you are the most dangerous of the evil alignments.

Chaotic Evil

You want to destroy everything. You cause harm to everything in your path.

Playable Races

Wood Elves

Wood elves are shorter than humans but taller than dwarves. They, like the high elves are quite skinny. They live in the forest and like to sleep on trees high above the ground. Though usually peaceful and self sufficient, wood elves are aware of other races and are not isolated from the rest of the world. Living in the wild has made these creatures quick and nimble, and stronger than they look. Next to humans, they are the most common race. Their alignments are generally lawful/good or neutral/good.

Agility Strength Speed Intelligence Wisdom Will Constitution
160 60 110 80 90 130 70

High Elves

High elves are shorter than humans but tend to be taller than wood elves. They like magic and are a very intelligent race. They do not bother with cities of their own, but rather live in cities ruled by humans. Unlike humans, though, high elves measure their power by the abilities and skills they have rather than the influence they have over others. They usually have a neutral/neutral alignment.

Agility Strength Speed Intelligence Wisdom Will Constitution
90 60 80 200 110 90 65


Humans are the most populous and one of the tallest race. They build and live in great cities. Many humans tend to meddle in everyone's business, often seeking power. Others prefer a pleasant and peaceful existence. Humans come in all alignments, but are most often are neutral/neutral.

Agility Strength Speed Intelligence Wisdom Will Constitution
100 100 100 100 100 100 100


Dwarves are the shortest of the races, but quite stubby and strong. Because of their lust for wealth, they are looked upon as a greedy and selfish race by most. However, dwarves are generous in helping other as long as that help does not include giving away any gold. Dwarves usually live in their own cities on mountains, but are also found in human cities. Like humans, they come in a variety of alignments, but their most common alignment is lawful/neutral.

Agility Strength Speed Intelligence Wisdom Will Constitution
70 150 75 115 80 120 90


These are one of the largest of races. extremely strong but without much in the way of intellect. They do not have homes and wander on the plains with little sense of direction. They go where they please and are unconcerned with the matters of the "tiny ones", as they call people of other races. They are almost always aligned chaotic/neutral.

Agility Strength Speed Intelligence Wisdom Will Constitution
45 200 115 30 30 80 200

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