Chaotic Fate seeks to be a fully open source, cross platform 3D MMORPG. Unlike many other such projects, it will have an emphasis on rapid development of features, low hardware and bandwith requirements, and casual gameplay for players who do not wish to spend hours trying to level up their character. It is quite similar to Planeshift in purpose. Unfortunately, Planeshift has been slow in implementing many important features (such as archery). Unlike Planeshift, Chaotic Fate wil focus on having a fully featured playable game as soon as possible.


- Odds based calculation of succeeding at any attempt. That is, if Character A has an attack of 17 and Character B has a defense of 45 then Character A will have a hit to miss ratio of 17 to 45 when attacking Character B. Unlike traditional D&D hit computation, this ensures that low level players stand some (albeit lower) chance of hitting much higher level players, and therefore can work as a team to take down skilled players in combat.

- Topographic terrain. Unlike heightfield based terrains, a topographic storage of terrain easily allow players to construct things on the ground, in addition to mining out caves. Also, a topographic terrain optimizes rendering of flat plains by representing such ground with only a few polygons as opposed to thousands of poygons.

- Energy and sleep will be important parts of chaotic fate. This will prevent players who play the game for long periods of time from having too big an advantage over players who only play the game for perhaps half an hour.

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